LeBron’s Eating Habits Revealed by Cleveland Waitress

King James likes his steak cut up into little pieces and loves apple martinis

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The ever-expanding field of LeBronology made an important breakthrough Tuesday when a pair of Cleveland bloggers passed on a number of juicy anecdotes about the Miami Heat star's eating habits.

Two writers (from CleveScene.com and ClevelandFrowns.com) met at XO Steakhouse in Cleveland over the weekend, and their waitress shared some choice anecdotes about King James during his time with the Cleveland Cavaliers.
It turns out James likes his steak the way most children do: well-done and cut up into bite size pieces before the plate comes to the table.
Another waitress shared a corroborating story: James once asked a server at Johnny's Downtown in Cleveland to take a plate of spaghetti back to the kitchen so it could be cut up for him.
But James' drink preferences are a tad more adult. He favors the drink of choice for many a college-aged sorority girl: apple-flavored martinis. 
James is reputed to be a bad tipper, which the waitress said she counteracted by including his gratuity in the bill whenever he had six people in his party. One time James tried to circumvent this by saying of his party, "They're not with me." 
The waitress said she replied, "Well then they need to give you money." She said James like her "because I didn't put up with his crap." 
James also reportedly "made bartenders cry on more than one occasion," but the source unfortunately did not share any details.
So servers of Miami, beware: James may try to stiff you, but if you keep him full of apple-tinis and bite-sized steak, he may get too tired to talk his way out of an automatic tip. 
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