Life in Prison for South Florida Man Who Killed Wife and Son, Shot Lawyer

A man who killed his wife and son and shot an attorney at a Kendall law office before he was shot by officers during a standoff in southwest Miami-Dade will be spending the rest of his life in prison after he pleaded guilty Friday.

Fadel Jabado, 55, was in court Friday as guilty pleas were entered on five murder and attempted murder charges.

Jabado's family cried in the courtroom as a judge sentenced him to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

Jabado asked the judge for compassion, hoping for a shorter sentence.

"I would like for you to consider my history as a US citizen, and the sacrifices I made for my family who have in the future as a Muslim requires in our lifetime to go to Mecca Pilgrimage," he said.

Judge Stephen Millan said Jabado could apply for clemency from the governor's office, but explained that the minimum sentence for the charges was life in prison.

"You're not getting out, it's life," Millan said.

Jabado's attorney said he took a plea deal to avoid putting his family through a trial.

"One of his chief motivations for doing this plea today, as hard as it is for him knowing he's going to prison for life, because he wants to close the chapter on this case so that his children can begin to rebuild their lives and move on," defense attorney Manny Alvarez said.

Miami-Dade Police said Jabado shot attorney Larry Harshman at Harshman's office at at 11420 N. Kendall Drive on Nov. 2. Police later found Jabado's wife and adult son shot to death at their home off Southwest 192nd Street in southwest Miami-Dade. They were identified as 43-year-old Bassima Jabado and 26-year-old Ahmed Jabado.

Jabado shot his wife because he was angry that she wanted a divorce, police said. He also thought his wife and son were going to take their house from him and leave him homeless and without money, police said.

Officials said Jabado was angry at Harshman for assisting with a transaction regarding the home. Harshman spent months in the hospital but survived.

Jabado was shot by officers after an hours-long standoff. Police said he had barricaded himself inside a vehicle and was armed. He pointed his firearm at officers and fired at them, and they shot him several times.

Jabado had five children, three of whom are underage.

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