Lion Cub Dies, Elephant Sick at Zoo Miami

A second lion cub has died at Zoo Miami, and an Asian elephant is also gravely ill.

A second lion cub has died at Zoo Miami, park officials said Tuesday.

Three lion cubs were born on Sept. 24, but one of them died in October.

The mother, 3-year-old Kashifa, had been tending to her cubs initially, but she began to neglect them, the zoo said.

Zoo staff decided to take the cubs away from their mother and give them supplemental feedings.

The cause of death is not fully known, but Zoo officials indicate a metabolic imbalance as a contributing factor.

Only one cub from the family remains alive at this time but is showing similar symptoms. Veterinary staff are currently providing care for the cub and monitoring her closely.

Zoo officials also announced that Asian elephant “Maude,” is gravely ill.

“She has displayed symptoms of having a severe impaction in her digestive tract which has resulted in no bowel movements and an almost total loss of appetite,” said Zoo Miami’s Ron Magill in a press release.

Maude arrived at Zoo Miami from the Central Florida Zoo in 2011. The elephant is believed to be age 40 and suffers from arthritis.

Park officials say veterinary staff is working very closely with the elephant department to help restore Maude’s health.

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