Liquid Libido Hits South Beach

Spring Breakers get a taste of Sex Drive energy drink

Spring breakers may already have raging libidos but this year they're getting a little help - in the form of a can.

Sex Drive energy drink will hit Miami stores in a few weeks but partying college students have already gotten a taste of the lurid liquid and apparenly like what they're sipping on.

"It works, it's called sex drive for a reason," tourist Tomasso Ferrari said as he partied at the Shelbourne Hotel on South Beach.

The 120-calorie, non-alcoholic beverage is marketed as an energy drink with some kick - including some unique ingredients.

"Horny goat weed," Sex Drive CEO Steve Utley said. "When goats would eat this particular weed it would increase the libido in goats and they tried it on humans and it works just as well."

Besides the goat weed, Sex Drive also has an ingredient that's supposed to fight erectile dysfunction as well as panax ginseng, which reportedly enhances sexual performance.

Physicians aren't so sure the drink has much drive.   

"Looking at the ingredients, I think it's fiction," said Dr. Nabil El Sanadi, Broward General's chief of emergency medicine. "It's probably a placebo effect. The ingredients when I looked at them, they're mostly stimulants."

CEO Utley says the drink works but it doesn't perform miracles.

"It's not Viagra in a can," he warns. "You actually need a little motivation and participation to make it work."

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