Loaded Guns Found at Miami International Airport, Others Across Florida: TSA

As security continues to be a major issue at airports across the county, officials say a total of 10 guns – almost all of them loaded – were found in carry-on luggage at airports across Florida during a one week period last month.

The Transportation Security Administration released their findings from June 19th to June 25th, with one of the weapons being a loaded 9mm found at Miami International Airport on June 21st.

Other weapons included four being found at Orlando International Airport (three loaded), three loaded guns found at Jacksonville International Airport and a loaded .380-caliber at both Tampa and Palm Beach International Airports.

The Florida findings were close to one-sixth of the 59 total guns confiscated at airports across the country over the same span.

Guns brought to checkpoints can result in a traveler being arrested and being fined.

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