Local Artist Memorializes Designer Virgil Abloh with Mural in Wynwood

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Artist Kyle Holbrook is paying tribute to the path-blazing fashion designer Virgil Abloh in Wynwood.

"Virgil was an inspiration to me and I think an inspiration to a whole generation," Holbrook said.

Abloh died a month ago from a rare form of heart cancer at the age of 41.

With his passing, he left behind a legacy of creativity and inspiration.

Abloh was the first Black artistic director at Louis Vuitton Menswear and later created his own street clothing line called "Off White," Holbrook told NBC 6.

"His life really provides hope. I mean, he grew up in Chicago as an immigrant and really came from the inner city. He came from nothing and then went to the top of the art world," Holbrook said.

In the mural, Holbrook used acrylic paints from the company PPG and used a yellow shade called "visionary."

The mural features other visionary African American icons such as Maya Angelou, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and August Wilson. 

"I thought it was appropriate to put this visionary in the same breath as those other legends," Holbrook said.

Holbrook has done murals across 43 countries through a project called "Moving Lives of Kids." He told NBC 6 that Abloh's achievements helped him think bigger and believe in himself and now he wants to do the same. 

"Inspiring a whole future of young people to know that your dreams are really attainable...and having a belief in yourself but also belief in the possibilities for your future," Holbrook said.

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