Local Dermatologist Offers Skin Care Tips for Coronavirus Stress

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Have you noticed your skin is acting up since you’ve been sheltered in place? Perhaps, you have some breakouts. 

In this Health Fix on 6, NBC 6 Anchor Sheli Muñiz went to her dermatologist virtually with your skin care questions. It turns out, it might sound like just acne but it could be speaking to a much larger problem as you work to stay healthy - stress.

With spas and offices closed, we’re taking you on a virtual skin consultation with Dr. Loretta Ciraldo, a board certified dermatologist in Miami for 40 years.

“It makes perfect sense that so many of us are suffering more with our acne because we are under so much stress,” Dr. Loretta said.

There is so much stress right now to stay healthy, stay inside, stay sane, safe, and financially stable, the list goes on. Stress manifests itself in many ways like on our skin.

“Acne may sound like a simple, trite little problem to have, but the truth is that our self-image and our appearance really, really is a very big factor in our psychological health. If we can keep as positive as possible, we will be able fare better against this virus,” Dr. Loretta said.

The good news, she says, we technically have more time to take care of ourselves. Dr. Loretta is dishing out some do’s and don’ts for our skin.

“I do want you to avoid dairy. It's been shown, especially for women, that dairy is sort of a trigger for making people break out,” she encourages.


  1. Avoid Dairy and any foods that you know have broken you out in the past
  2. Drink 8 glasses of water/day
  3. Wash your face (chest, back) twice a day with an acne wash…salicylic for acne, Dr. Loretta says there is more air pollution indoors
  4. Use Sulfate-Free, Fragrance-Free Cleanser and Shampoo
  5. Wash your makeup brushes once a week
  6. Wash pillow cases, get rid of dust mites
  7. Only use hands for washing your face, or clean washcloth every day
  8. Wash your face with an acne cleanser after you’ve rinsed off your hair conditioner in the shower


  1. Overdry or over-irritate your face with drying products
  2. can cause a long lasting mark or even a scar
  3. Hold your cell phone up to your face…it can cause hyperpigmentation

Dr. Loretta advises with the extra time at home, consider an at-home facial.

Her advice: 

  1. Pumpkin masks are great but if you have any clay mask at home that’s great to start at least 3 times a week. 
  2. If you’re very dry and have breakouts use a mud mask instead.
  3. Use 10% glycolic on your face…you may need to rinse it off after 10-20 minutes for first 1-2 weeks
  4. If you don’t see improvement, or you’re convinced you’re worsening, start Differin gel, which had been prescription only for years but is now available OTC


If you are already on an acne medicine, reach out to your doctor to see if you should make any changes in how often you use it, etc.

Maintenance appointments:

“I’m getting patients texting me, 'oh, Dr. Loretta my wrinkles are coming back, my botox is wearing off. I’m saying to them that we will get through this and we will get back to doing the maintenance procedures. I think that this is a time to keep everything in perspective to really think about what matters the most,” Dr. Loretta tells Sheli.

To find out more about Dr. Loretta, including videos with more tips, you can visit her website.

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