Local Effects of Affordable Care Act

Some people on an NBC 6 Facebook page wrote the change is working for them.

Changes in the world of healthcare are having a big effect on people who don't pay for their insurance through their employer, but people who pay independently.

A Broward man, who is a business owner, said the change in his policy will have a big, negative impact on his life.

"Affordable it is not,” the man who didn’t want to be named said. “It might be healthcare, but affordable it's not. We already pay $14,200 a year for health insurance. That's a lot of money. Now we get a thing, we're going up $350 a month. That puts us at $19,000 a year. That's what I pay for my house!”

Paying more for himself, his wife, and son because many health insurance policies are being cancelled or changed. Under the Affordable Care Act, certain requirements need to be met.

In George Schwab's case, his new premium will cost 400 percent more. His new policy includes maternity coverage for his 59-year-old wife.

“I just don't think this was all that thought out,” Schwab said. “I think the intentions were good, but there's a lot of things that need to fixed.”

Some people on an NBC 6 Facebook page wrote the change is working for them. AJ Lipp listed the good and bad parts writing he will have a lower deductible, but higher annual out of the pocket maximum. More good points include a lower price for doctor visits and a lower monthly premium.

David Midkiff wrote his policy is being replaced by another one that meets the minimum requirements and is very close to what he currently has, however his premium is dropping from $788 to $675.

Back in Coconut Creek, the small business owner will be budgeting his money differently from now on. He said his family will skip vacations. In the meantime, he is still, trying to make sense of what he calls the not-so Affordable Care Act.

“It's just not clear and when something's not clear and you're forced to buy it, it sits really wrong with me,” he said.

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