Local Filmmaker Up For Awards at Hollywood Film Festival

"The Sweetest Girl- A Forbidden Love" is generating potential Oscars buzz

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A Haitian American filmmaker is creating real buzz with his short film. “The Sweetest Girl - A Forbidden Love", which was filmed here in South Florida, is a love story that takes a deadly end.

Yanatha Desouvre is the writer and producer of the movie. He said filming during the height of COVID was difficult, but worth it. 

“We are excited about the impact that it’s made,” he said. “The awards is a reflection on how its resonating in the community, so it’s been humbling.” 

The short, 23 minute film has received plenty of acclaim including Best Picture at the South Florida International Film Festival and winner for Best Original Story at the New York International Film Awards.

The story is inspired by true events, which tackles issues of gun violence and human trafficking in Haiti. Desouvre wants viewers to walk away with a fresh perspective on life in Haiti.       

“It tells us to keep moving forward with telling stories about Haiti and Haitian Americans and the Haitian experience,” he said. 

The filmmakers are on the journey of submitting to and getting selected, then hopefully winning Oscar-qualifying film festivals.  

The film is screening November 6th virtually at the Hollywood Florida Film Festival.

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