Local Grannies Give CBS Grief Over Ad

The local activist group lets us know what CBS really stands for

A group of South Florida grandmas will not be watching the Super Bowl. And it's not because it starts three hour after their bedtime.

The 10-member posse, which calls itself the SoFlo Raging Grannies, is miffed over CBS's choice to air a pro-life advertisement.

Donned in floppy hats, shawls, and aprons, the grannies -- to the tune of "Three Blind Mice" - tell us what CBS really stands for: Corporate Bull S**t.

"They're hypocrites and won't give a voice to women's choice," they sing, referring to the ad CBS has allowed from Christian Right group Focus on the Family, which will feature Christian-to-the-core Tim Tebow recalling his own family's story. 

SoFlo Raging Grannies

"This is the same CBS that has repeatedly refused to run advocacy ads from progressive groups like MoveOn.org," writes Daniel Tilson, who produced the granny video, on OpEdNews.com. "This is the same CBS that built a then-unparalleled reputation back in the day for its tough, ethical, truth-to-power brand of TV News Journalism.

"From Edward R. Murrow to Walter Cronkite to Don Hewitt - there must be an awful lot of "spinning in the grave" action going on in that CBS Newsroom somewhere in the Great Beyond."

At the end of the video, the grannies urge viewers to sign a petition against airing the ad.

Raging Grannies is an activist organization with chapters all over North America. According to their website, the group was founded in Victoria, Canada, in 1887.

You can read all about how they rowed their kayak out to a nuclear submarine to protest its presence in a Canadian port in their book, "Out of Our Rockers and Into Trouble."

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