Local Grocer Makes Employee Stimulus Plan

Sedano's takes a page from President Obama with its give back to employees.

Sedano’s Supermarkets is giving away over a half a million dollars in gift cards to its most valued customers – the store’s employees.

Taking a page from Leonard Abess Jr., Sedano's is giving each hourly employee – from the bag boy and cashier to the clean up crew – a $30 gift card each month through the end of the year in a mini-stimulus package that speaks larger than the money value of the charitable gesture.

"The recession has affected everyone, including our employees," said Agustin Herrán, CEO of the family-owned business. "We want to help our Sedano's family members through these difficult economic times. It's our pleasure to offer our hourly employees these gift cards as a small token of our appreciation for their hard work and dedication."
Sedano’s is the top Hispanic retailer in the U.S. and is based in Hialeah, but has over 30 stores in the tri-county area.
The idea is to help the 2,600 hourly employees purchase the necessities, like milk, bread or toilet paper, but the cards can be used for anything in the store.
It's not the $60 million in bonuses banker Abess handed out to his employees earlier this year, but after dealing with Miami customers for eight or nine grueling hours, any gesture of gratitude from an employer would be welcome.
And what Sedano will lose in profit from the donation, it will undoubtedly get back in gratitude from its employees.
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