Local Group Celebrates Global Running Day While Connecting Communities

Miami’s newest running group, The Running Edge 305, beats the pavement in different areas throughout the city

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The beginning of June marks the start of summer for most. But, it also means the start of the summer running season.

The first Wednesday of June is celebrated as Global Running Day. Thousands of runners are celebrating the sport by running in groups or participating in special running challenges.

Miami’s newest running group, The Running Edge 305, will celebrating the day this coming weekend. Every Saturday morning, the group beats the pavement in different areas throughout the city.

The Running Edge founder, Ashley Toussaint, has been running for years as an athlete and coach. Toussaint told NBC 6 news he wanted to share his passion with others.

“I wanted to find an opportunity to get people out and active in a safe way," he said. “I look at running like our golf course. I look at opportunities about better running or ideas in general - where we can socialize before and after the run."

The group is focused on connecting runners to different communities, exploring neighborhoods that would normally be ignored like Overtown, Liberty City and Allapattah.  

Normally, runners in the group would be preparing for an upcoming challenge like a marathon, half marathon, 10k or other events.

But times are different now due to the pandemic. The organization is focused on building up strength for the upcoming race season.

The Running Edge collaborates with Alexis Brown of the SocialXChange Miami. It's a network of black entrepreneurs and professionals that host the weekend meetups.

To learn about their meetups, check out the group's Instagram page.

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