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Local Musicians Start Petition to Change Live Music Law in Miami

On Sundays around sunset many people gather at South Pointe Park to mingle, do yoga, and play music

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A group of musicians have started a petition calling on Miami Beach commissioners to change street performance laws. 

On Sundays around sunset many people gather at South Pointe Park to mingle, do yoga, and play music. 

"South Pointe has become this amazing community for people to gather from about 6:00 p.m. to sunset. There are people enjoying life. People doing yoga, stretching, some salsa dancing," said musician Michael Cantalupo. 

On June 12th, Miami Beach Police put musician Jackson Strong in handcuffs, sparking a broader conversation about city ordinances and street performers. 

Strong tells NBC6 he was not arrested, but fined $150 for performing without a permit. 

"Police are doing their job. I respect officers. I don't respect the laws they choose to enforce often times and the laws need to change," said Jackson Strong. 

Fellow musician Michael Cantalupo then started an online petition and went to a commission meeting to express his disagreement with the city ordinance. 

The Miami Beach ordinance allows people to perform without a permit north of 24th Street.

South of 24th Street a permit is required for 31 designated locations. South Pointe Park is not one of those locations. Street performances are not allowed at South Pointe.

“I understand there is some sort of a need for regulating who gets to speak or understanding people will be speaking, but we need to do it in a way that’s much more streamlined. In a way where I propose something like a 72 hour turn around and adding more to the cap than just 31 people.”

Commissioner Alex Fernandez met with Cantalupo and says this item will be on the agenda at the July 20th Miami Beach Commission Meeting. 

“A 72-hour permitting process makes sense and that gives the city some understanding of who is performing so it isn't just total chaos, but you drive through south beach and there’s tons of loud music being played out of people’s cars with lyrics that are obscene," said Strong. 

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