Local Teen Designs App That Is Snapped Up By Thousands

It's called "Four-Snaps" -- a word puzzle game with a social twist; and it’s one of the hottest apps on the market. The brain behind it all is just 17-years-old and is from right here in South Florida and it could land him a job with one of biggest names and companies in social media.

NBC 6 reporter Jamie Guirola spoke exclusively with the app’s designer, Michael Sayman.

When asked to describe coding, Michael Sayman launches right into it. He said, "How do you have that error? Well a method I came up with is something is wrong with errors, ns error, ns object, ns c which is basically an error code type which is pf error internal server"

Did you get all that? Because NBC 6’s Guirola, and most of the rest of us, couldn’t. That's why this teenager is going to work for billionaire and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and we're not.

Michael said, "The people at Facebook found out about me and then eventually Mark Zuckerberg found out about me and I was like, “Whoa! This was way too fast.’"

Michael, a child prodigy has conquered coding, a computer language used to build apps and games. It's landed him much success, money, and a future with Facebook. Zuckerberg interviewed Michael at the social media giant’s headquarters.

Michael said, "I had no idea he was going to be just sitting there and he just turns around and he’s like ‘Hey Michael.’ And I'm like, ‘Oh my God he knows my first name.’ That was all I was thinking about; it was just crazy."

Michael’s digital dreams started when he was 13. Since then he's developed 13 apps. And he eventually designed one that would be the jackpot.

Michael said, "Right now it’s the number one word game on the U.S. App Store and it’s in the top 200 apps in the entire U.S."

Guirola asked, "How old are you? He replied, "17."

Guirola said, "You have a huge smile on your face it must be a great feeling."

Michael said, "It’s a crazy feeling for sure."

Four Snaps is a social picture snapping and guessing game. Even though it’s free, it’s helped net this Miami teenager hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So what did Michael do with his newfound wealth? He helped pay for his parents new home and there’s more. He also helped pay for his sisters tuition.

Michael said, "There’s so many things in my life that they’ve done for me that now, when they need the help, I have the chance to help them out."

And even though Michael knows he’s unique for his age he wishes more teens could be the same.

Michael said, "The sad part is that I wish there were more. I wish there were more 17-year-old kids like me that know how to program."

Until then, he’ll keep coding away until he hits another jackpot.

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