Loner Boar on the Loose in Coral Springs

Trapper believes it's not "running with other pigs"

As to not be outdone by bears or otters, a wild boar is the latest animal to make a cameo in South Florida.

Coral Spring's police officers spotted the boar one night last week walking along Sample Road near a wooded area, but it disappeared before being spotted again by a sergeant Wednesday night.

"It took off from him," Lt. Joe McHugh told the Sun-Sentinel, and so they hired a trapper to take care of boar business. So far, according to McHugh, the trapper - Kevin Garvey -- has only seen footprints and been able to determine an approximate weight - 200-250 pounds.

Garvey told the Sentinel he's tried to lure the boar with snacks, but so far no dice. He also suspects the boar is lost and not "running with other pigs." Loner or not, Garvey said boars can be dangerous.

"They're not a pleasant animal to run across."

Police say anyone with a boar sighting should call 911.


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