Lost Dog Reunited With Owners 6 Years Later Thanks to Microchip

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A Texas family’s pet that vanished six years ago has been found halfway across the country. 

Debi and Danae Vazquez never thought that day would come. And technology was the key to reuniting King the Chihuahua with his parents. 

The mother-daughter duo said 8-year-old King went missing from their backyard in San Antonio, Texas. They said it was a rainy day, and King didn’t have his collar on. 

“I had rewards out. Facebook. I posted everywhere I could,” said Debi Vazquez. 

They don’t know exactly what happened to King. Though, they have their suspicions. 

Still, the Vazquez family searched and searched. 

“It was horrible,” said Danae Vazquez. “We finally gave up, like two months, we’re just like we’re never going to get him back.”

But Sunday, a call from halfway across the country changed everything. 

A woman had surrendered King to the Humane Society of Broward County. According to staff members, the woman got King six months ago from his previous owners but couldn’t care for him anymore. 

The Humane Society staff checked for a chip, which is how they eventually tracked down Debi. And Debi called her daughter Danae. 

“She was like, King’s alive. She was like, he’s alive. He's in Florida right now,” said Danae. “We were just like crying, and I’m like, how do we get him back.”

The two hopped in the car and drove nearly 20 hours and 1,300 miles to be reunited with the now 15-year-old King. 

 “Oh my gosh. It’s amazing. He still looks the same, just older.”

The two shared this main message before taking him home to Texas.

“Microchip your dog. Yes. Everyone should microchip. Don’t ever take the collar off.”

The two also said they still have his old tag, collar and leash. They said he looks a little skinny and sad, but they’re ready to give him home-cooked meals when they return. 

According to the Humane Society of Borward County, microchipping your pet is an essential way to prove ownership and help reunite lost pets. They say it’s also important to keep the contact information up to date if you move. 

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