Fort Lauderdale

Love is in the Air: Man Proposes to Girlfriend on Delta Flight Leaving FLL

A man chose to propose to his girlfriend on a Delta Airlines flight leaving Fort Lauderdale Airport-- and the entire flight crew was in on it.

Richard Horton decided to propose to his girlfriend Friday on a Delta flight leaving Fort Lauderdale heading for Detroit.

"Always bad publicity makes the news the entire crew was awesome professional thank them for making our day special," Horton wrote on Facebook. "This was news worthy the whole crew went out their way to make this happen for me the entire plane clapped it was so heartfelt."

Horton got up from his seat and made his way to the front of the cabin, where he made his proposal over the loudspeaker in front of passengers and crew.

She appeared caught off-guard but, fortunately for him, she accepted and the inflight crew erupted into applause.

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