Lover: Dalia Dippolito Wanted the House

Woman's lover tells jury murder-for-hire motive

A disgruntled South Florida wife wanted her husband killed so she could get her hands on the couple's house, a witness told jurors Friday.

Mohamed Shihadeh said Dalia Dippolito told him that she wanted her husband, Michael, out of the picture because her husband was abusive, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Shihadeh and Dalia Dippolito were lovers and she allegedly came to him with the idea of hiring a hit man to murder her husband, prosecutors claim.

Shihadeh then went to Boynton Beach Police, who set up an elaborate sting to catch Dippolito in the act and she took the bait. Cops videotaped Dippolito negotiating with a hit man, who was really an undercover cop.

In the tape, Dippolito plots out the murder and how she wants it done.

Adding to the odd nature of the case, Shihadeh's testimony was videotaped last month. He is in Jordan with family.

Dippolito is charged with conspiracy to commit murder for the 2009 incident.

Her attorneys claim Dippolito thought the hit man stunt was a ploy to get the newly wed couple on a reality TV show.

Michael Dippolito took the stand earlier this week refuting the allegation and said he had no clue his wife wanted to kill him.

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