Machete Madman Chops Off Girlfriend's Fingers

Broward punk with bad attitude attacks girlfriend

A machete-swinging man with a bad attitude chopped off two of his girlfriend's fingers during a gruesome attack last night in Broward, police said.

Cristhian Ramos-Murillo, 21, left his girlfriend, 42-year-old Jacqueline Yulfo in critical condition after repeatedly stabbing her and removing the fingers.

Ramos-Murillo, who also went to a hospital with unspecified injuries, will face attempted murder charges when he recovers.

Authorities aren't saying what led to the attack, but from the looks of Ramos-Murillo, he doesn't appear to be a peaceful man. A booking photo shows the machete madman with a "F--- Da World" tattoo sprawled across his neck.

Yulfo works part time at the Coral Springs Fire Department. Fingers might not be the only thing she loses after her run in with Ramos-Murillo. She appears to be married to a police officer.

Yulfo has the same address of Frank Yulfo, a police officer who lives in a trailer on the campus of Riverside Elementary School, according to School Board officials.

Frank Yulfo lives in the trailer with his wife and three kids, the school's principal said. The School Board confirmed that the woman has listed that address as her own, but declined to comment on if Jacqueline Yulfo was the cop's wife.

Neighbors of Ramos-Murrillo also said Yulfo is married and has kids.

Coral Springs Police and Fire departments declined to comment on if the two Yulfos were married or related.

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