Mad as Hell at Madoff

S. Florida victims vent at Ponzi schemer

Bernie Madoff is rotting in jail - finally - but that's little consolation to the thousands of people he ripped off, including several South Florida residents with an axe to grind.

While crowds cheered in New York as Madoff's bail was revoked and he was taken away to jail in cuffs, there is little hope that any of the billions of dollars the Ponzi schemer took will make their way down south.

Steve Berzner, a Fort Lauderdale attorney, is one of Madoff's victims. Berzner's father Irving was swindled out of half a million dollars by Madoff.

"I don't feel badly for me. I feel really badly for the people whose homes are being taken, whose homes are in foreclosure," Berzner told CBS4.

Larry Leif of West Palm Beach invested millions with Madoff over three decades. Leif says he paid taxes on his "earnings" and he wants that money back.

"I have paid millions. Millions and millions of dollars in federal taxes that they told me was fictitious and I never made it," Leif said.

Of Madoff's 11,374 victims, about 1,700 are from South Florida. Bernie's victim list includes Hollywood elites like Steven Spielberg and Kevin Bacon, former major league pitcher Sandy Koufax, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg and New York Mets owner Fred Wilpon.

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