Madoff's Liquor Cabinet on Auction in Miami

Bernie Madoff liquor auction scheduled for June 4

Want to drink like a billionaire criminal mastermind?

Then Bernie Madoff has some booze for you.

Well at least creditors trying to recoup some of the money Madoff bilked from investors hope you have similar tastes.

An auction is scheduled for June 4 to sell off Madoff's most liquid of assets, his liquor cabinet from his Palm Beach mansion, CNN reported.

Madoff is doing 150 years worth of hard time in North Carolina for stealing $20 billion in the largest Ponzi scheme in history. So while he might need a stiff drink, it won't be what he is used to.

More than 260 wine and liquor bottles will be on the auction block, including wines that cost close to $4,000 a bottle.

Madoff had an affinity for French wines, but he wasn't opposed to offering a potential investor/victim an aged scotch or whiskey.

An online auction for the booze began Wednesday.

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