Madonna Causes Stir With Ecstasy Reference at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival

Deadmau5, a leading electronic music DJ and producer, slammed Madonna Monday for glamorizing the drug

Pop icon Madonna is in the spotlight for causing a stir at the Ultra Music Festival Saturday night in Miami.

She made a surprise appearance to promote her new dance album which came out Monday. But it was her reference to the rave drug ecstasy that has one of the hottest DJ-producers in the electronic dance music industry raving mad.

"I have a question for you, how many of you in this crowd have seen Molly?" Madonna asked the sellout international crowd.

If you aren't hip to the slang, Molly means ecstasy. The crowd erupted in cheers.

The 53-year-old pop star introduced star DJ Avicci, who remixed her latest single "Girl Gone Wild."

Deadmau5, one of the leading electronic music artists, slammed the Material Girl Monday for glamorizing the drug, calling it irresponsible behavior on Twitter and Facebook, where he has 5 million-plus fans.

"Such a great message for the young music lovers at Ultra. Quite the (expletive) philanthropist. But hey, at least your hip and trendy!" Deadmau5 posted.

The Canadian DJ-producer said Madonna had reached "an entirely new level of idiocy" but acknowledged her "meteoric career."

One of his fans posted, "Madonna is so old," and another fan promised not to get Madonna's new album.

Junior Hernandez, who says he's drug-free, was among the partygoers Saturday.

"It was kinda weird, but at the same time everyone's on the drug," he said. "Madonna, I think she could get away with it."

Madge has already taken flack for her club-friendly album, titled "MDNA" – an allusion to the drug MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy.

"I think it was smart what she did to promote her album and it's all about the money," Hernandez added.

Madonna has yet to respond to Deadmau5.

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