Miami Becoming Movie Magic for Hollywood

California is turning to the South for making movies

We already have a Hollywood in South Florida, but what about turning Miami into the Hollywood like the one on the West Coast where all the big movie are made?

Well, steps are being taken to make it happen.

A movie set isn't the norm for Miami, but the "Rock of Ages" movie set takes up two blocks near the Adrienne Arsht Center. City leaders said it's a sign of things to come.

"This is the beginning of an industry that Miami has never seen before," Greg Hauptner, founder of the G Star School of the Arts, said.

Miami Commissioner Marc Sarnoff agreed saying the movie industry wants to be in Miami.

"To watch this become a movie studio in three months and to see Tom Cruise as the actor... there's no better calling card," Sarnoff said. "We're here, we're open for business, and we're ready to go."

Sarnoff is working with the Omni Community Redevelopment Agency to attract more movies to Miami. Those prospects are exciting for local film buffs and business leaders like Hauptner.

"You're not only talking about the huge budgets with major films, but the money that rolls over - with new people coming in that will hired for jobs," he said.

A warehouse near North Miami Avenue and 14th Street is full of props for the Rock of Ages movie now, but in two years it will have two sound stages, editing rooms, and everything else needed to make a major motion picture.

The Omni CRA already has $1 million to start building the MEC, or Miami Entertainment Complex.

Miami leaders said it will bring in millions and give the city more than just real estate and tourism to thrive off of.

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