Man Accused in Brutal Attack, Attempted Rape of Elderly Woman: Miami Beach Police

A man from the island nation of Saint Maarten is in jail, accused in a brutal attack and attempted sexual assault of an elderly woman, Miami Beach Police say.

According to an arrest form, Frankie Moicon, 25, attacked the victim in the lobby of her apartment building in the 4100 block of Jefferson Avenue in Miami Beach on Sunday afternoon.

Moicon allegedly threw the woman to the ground, leaving lacerations in her head and elbow.

The victim told police Moicon removed both of their clothing as he overpowered her. The victim's screams alerted nearby police who intervened in the attack.

Police say Moicon, still with his clothing partially off, would not follow police orders to get on the ground. Officers were forced to subdue him as he resisted arrest, punching at officers for at least two minutes, the report says.

Moicon said he did not want the consulate of Saint Maarten to be notified, and allegedly asked officers if he could leave the scene if the victim refused to press charges.

Officers say the terrified victim left the scene, leaving a trail of blood from the scene of the attack all the way up to her own apartment where she went in an attempt to tend to her own wounds.

She was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital for treatment. The victim's cuts required seven stitches.

Moicon was arrested and charged with sexual battery, battery on a person 65 or older, and resisting arrest.

Neighbors said they were shocked to hear of the crime.

"I walk my dogs around here and my mom does also," Maria Flecha said. "And my mom's older of course, so you know I'm glad they caught the guy."

Moicon refused to appear in court Monday. It is unknown if Moicon has hired an attorney.

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