Man Accused of Giving Fatal Buttocks Injections Pleads Not Guilty

A man accused of giving buttocks-enhancing injections that resulted in the death of a woman in Miami-Dade in 2013 appeared in court Monday where he pleaded not guilty in the case.

Jose Robusto is facing a manslaughter charge for the death of one of his patients, 28-year-old Suyima Torres, who died 10 hours after receiving buttocks injections. Torres was the mother of two young children.

Besides manslaughter, Robusto is also facing charges of practicing medicine without a license. He pled not guilty to both charges and was appointed a public defender.

Torres allegedly went to see Dr. Robusto in 2013 for a buttocks lift. She paid him $2,300 for the procedure. But Torres collapsed outside the clinic and died 10 hours later in the hospital.

The autopsy report showed the victim had large amounts of a type of material used in repairing electronics and ceramics. Robusto left to his native Venezuela after the victim's death but he returned to Florida last month and was arrested at the airport.

He later admitted to performing medical procedures without a license in several parts of the country, authorities said.

Robusto will be back in court next month as his case gets ready to go in front of a jury. If convicted Robusto could face up to 25 years behind bars.

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