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Man Accused of Sexually Harassing Florida State Senator

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A 19-year-old South Florida man was charged with extortion and cyberstalking after allegedly threatening to leak nude images of Florida state Sen. Lauren Book.

Jeremy Kamperveen, of Plantation, was arrested back on November 17. Under Marsy’s Law, the senator’s name was redacted from Kamperveen's arrest report.

But on Thursday, Book said in a statement that she’d been the victim of the attack, saying she immediately told law enforcement about the threatening and disturbing images.

Book is known as an advocate for children of sexual abuse through her nonprofit, Lauren's Kids. The cause is personal to her, and she told NBC 6 earlier this year she is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

According to the report, Book filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after getting multiple text messages from an unknown number on Nov. 12, including two nude pictures that Book sent only to a close friend.

“The text messages stated the unknown person would leak the photos to Fox and her career would be over," the report read.

It goes on to say an FDLE agent pretending to be Book reached out to the suspect from an undercover phone.

“I’m not going to do anything with them (the photos) as long as you cooperate with me," the suspect said.

“… What do you want in the end? $? What?” replied the agent, pretending to be Book.

The suspect then says, “I am here because you turn me on. If you wish to pay money instead, then I can take that deal. I truly was only here for pictures and videos, so I did not think about a reasonable cash reward. It would not be a small amount, so take your choice.”

The report goes on to say Kamperveen was arrested on Nov. 17 after agreeing to get rid of the images for thousands of dollars.

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