Man Accused of Stealing Beer, Banana From Boat in Miami Beach

What to Know

  • The suspect will be arraigned March 8.
  • Witnesses said the suspect had previously trespassed in the marina.

A man faced a Miami-Dade judge on Tuesday for allegedly trespassing into a marina and burglarizing a boat from which he is accused of stealing a beer and a banana.

Prosecutors said Jeffrey Guerrero burglarized the boat on the bay across Miami Beach's Alexander Hotel, adding he was recognized by witnesses from a previous unreported trespass on a different boat.

“He forced open the side door of the vessel, made entry and made his way unto the main cabin," Judge Mindy Glazer said during Tuesday's hearing while reading over related documents. "The captain of that yacht was sleeping in the lower deck when he heard the commotion and went upstairs."

Guerrero said he lived with his father, who is now in Nicaragua – seemingly leaving Guerrero with nowhere to live.

Guerrero seemed to recognize his actions.

"I’m not making any excuses, you know," he told the judge.

“It looks like it’s a yacht ... right, so he stole a beer and a banana," Glazer added.

Guerrero will be arraigned on March 8. He is ordered to stay away from the marina from 41st Street to 52nd Street on Collins Avenue, which covers the Miami International Boat Show set to begin Feb. 15.

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