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Man Accused of Threatening to Punch and Rape Miami Beach Bartender: Police

A Miami Beach bartender says a man threatened to punch and rape her after she stopped serving him, feeling he had enough to drink.

The bartender told police that Brian Scott Webb, 27, returned to Dewey's Bar, located at 852 Alton Road, late Tuesday evening after already drinking four beers and one shot earlier that day and demanded to be served.

According to the police report, Webb appeared more intoxicated and highly irate when he returned. As a result, the bartender refused to serve Webb anymore alcohol. He then threatened to punch and rape the bartender if she didn't serve him.

The bartender told police that Webb also threatened to punch people inside the bar.

The bartender asked Webb leave and when he refused employees called 911. He was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Miami Beach police say once inside a holding cell, Webb became livid and began elbowing officers.

Webb then kicked and punched officers as they fought on the ground in an attempt to place him into handcuffs, according to the police report.

One officer punched Webb in the face, momentarily knocking him unconscious and giving officers a chance to request emergency assistance.

Although Webb continued to resist, officers were able to handcuff him. But due to Webb's continued aggressive behavior, paramedics were unable to treat his injuries.

One officer received a cut to his nose and eye area and a possible injury to his hand. Another officer suffered a hairline fracture to her right hand and a third received an bump to the left side of his head. All officers sustained some bruising to their knees due to fighting on the ground.

Webb is now charged with four counts of battery on a police officer and three counts of resisting an officer with violence.

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