Man Arrested 14 Years After Alleged DUI Incident

It took 14 years, but the long arm of the law finally caught up with a 33-year-old man from Southwest Florida for a crime he allegedly committed when Bill Clinton was still president.

Police arrested Elvin Javier Gonzalez Morales, 33, Wednesday on two charges of DUI manslaughter and an additional count of DUI with serious bodily injury.

Gonzales Morales is originally from Nicaragua, but has lived in Florida for the entire time his arrest has been pending. He works as a laborer and has no prior arrest record. He has been living in Lehigh Acres which is near Fort Myers.

Authorities haven’t said why it took more than a decade to arrest Gonzalez Morales, but lawyers speculated the delay may have come from the government warrant taking a long time to process.

Gonzales Morales is due back in court for arraignment on July 14.

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