Man Arrested After Alleged Botched Butt Injection in Miami-Dade

A man was arrested after a South Florida woman says she ended up with a serious infection when she received buttocks injections at a home in northwest Miami-Dade.

Officials were alerted by Ileana Duarte who says she went to the home about a month ago for butt injections. Duarte alleges she paid $4,000.

Miami-Dade police were at the home Tuesday where they say they found a clandestine spa.

"We found some syringes, we found some prescription drugs, we found some foreign unapproved drugs," said a detective with the medical crimes unit, who cannot be identified because he is undercover.

According to Duarte, a woman and a man told her they were injecting vitamins that would make her gluteus hard as well as a substance to make it larger. Eventually Duarte says she started feeling a strong burning pain. She claims she went to a doctor who told her they injected her with biopolymer.

Detectives arrested Carlos Gilberto Mendoza, but say he is cooperating with the investigation. Police remind anyone seeking any type of cosmetic procedure to go to a board certified physician.

"Any time you have anything done, even if it's just a facial and you think it's gonna be at a house, at a friend's house, I don't recommend that, because there's a lot of things that are unsanitary that happen," the detective said.

Mendoza, 49, will be charged with possession of prescription drugs and unlicensed practice of medicine among other charges.

The investigation is ongoing.

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