Man Arrested After Alleged Sexual Assault on Miami Beach

A man who allegedly groped, kidnapped and sexually battered an unidentified victim on Miami Beach is now behind bars, according to an arrest report.

The incident began at around 10:30 p.m. on Christmas, the report said. The victim was taking a walk on the boardwalk when she was approached by 23-year-old Delmar Tifon Osullivan. Osullivan began talking to the victim between the 1500 and 2100 block of Miami Beach, complimenting her on her hair.

The victim told police she noticed Osullivan smoking what appeared to be a “marijuana cigarette." Shortly after, he started touching the victim’s body against her will, the report said.

The victim told police she began pushing Osullivan away, telling him she felt uncomfortable. Osullivan asked her to go to the shoreline with him and she declined, the report said.

Osullivan began grabbing the victim’s hands at that point, causing her to pull away, according to the report. He asked her for a hug, which the victim initially declined. She eventually consented to the hug out of fear, the report said.

Osullivan then picked up the victim and carried her to the shoreline. He proceeded to sexually assault her on some beach chairs, the victim said in the report. Authorities say Osullivan abducted the victim against her will without lawful authority.

Six days later, on Dec. 31, Osullivan contacted the victim on social media. After requesting to meet with her, detectives set up a meeting point and took Osullivan into custody.

In a recorded sworn statement, Osullivan admitted to groping the victim inappropriately and taking her to the shoreline, the report said. However, he denied some of the sexual assault accusations.   

Osullivan is facing sexual battery, kidnapping and false imprisonment charges. He was booked in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center Sunday morning and is currently being held on bond.

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