Man Arrested After Pet Pit Bull Found Badly Burned in Hollywood

A Hollywood man is facing charges after a dispute that left a pit bull hospitalized with severe burns.

Alain Leclerc Williams, 27, is charged with animal cruelty, criminal mischief, threatening a public servant and three counts of battery on an officer following his arrest on Sunday. During his arrest, police say he kicked and spit on them and threatened to kill them.

In his first court appearance, the bond court judge said, “Burning the skin off an animal is really just beyond anyone’s imagination.” Williams was being held on $83,500 bond Tuesday and it was unknown if he has an attorney.

Dr. Amanda Pinder with the Hollywood Animal Hospital said the 1-year-old pit bull, Moon, was admitted for second-degree burns during a "domestic dispute."

Moon's owner, Mariya Facca, was alerted to the dog's injuries while visiting the home of her ex-boyfriend, Williams. Facca said she broke off an abusive year-long relationship with Williams, who then poured boiling hot water on the one year old dog.

“He was yelling, screaming, saying, ‘This is my dog. My dog,’ But if it was your dog, why would you do that to her?” Facca asked.

The dog has received intensive care and oxygen therapy since she was admitted and her burns have been cleaned and dressed. She has been responding well to blood work and transfusions but the loss of proteins and risk of kidney failure is still a threat, Dr. Pinder said.

Miraya was reunited with Moon Tuesday and workers at the animal hospital said it was the first time the dog’s tail had wagged since she came to the hospital.

"Moon has a wonderful disposition for having endured such a tragedy," Dr. Pinder said. "While, she has a long road of care ahead of her, baring complications, our prognosis for her is good."

The dog's medical costs are expected to be almost $10,000. If you'd like to make a donation, you can call the Hollywood Animal Hospital at 954-920-3556.

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