Man Accused of Touching Women Inappropriately at Dolphin Mall

A man accused of touching women inappropriately at Dolphin Mall during Black Friday was arrested after he attempted to flee Sweetwater police.

According to police, Francisco Anduiza, 29, was touching women inappropriately in Burlington Coat Factory early on Friday.

When cops apprehended him, the suspect took off.

Body cam footage obtained by NBC 6 show the police finally catching and arresting the man in a parking lot.

Anduiza was booked on charges of attempted battery, battery of a police officer and resisting an officer with violence, jail records show.

"He hit one of the police officers and fled, and he was apprehended outside the mall," said Orlando Lopez, Mayor of Sweetwater. "We have a high-security partnership with the mall to be able to stop assailants like this who perform any form of crimes against its clients." 

Several incidents have kept police busy at Dolphin Mall this Black Friday.

Police said there have been four arrests made in total, many of them related to shoplifting.

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