Man Arrested for Giving Customers Bad Chompers

David Lawrence is just the owner of Denture World, not a dentist

A Broward County business owner is up to his teeth in trouble after he decided to do a little dental work on customers without a license.

David Lawrence, 41, was arrested Tuesday and charged with operating as a dentist without a license after he tried to fix an elderly woman's dentures, gave the woman an infection and then broke the dentures when she came back to have them fixed.

Lawrence is the owner of Denture World, which has three locations in Broward and Palm Beach counties. And while he might be around a lot of chompers, the business man wasn't long in the tooth about knowledge of how to fix them, the Broward Sheriff's Office said.

It's unclear how long Lawrence was playing dentist, but it took Mary Amaker's sore gums to bring his fraud to the forefront.

The 59-year-old had Lawrence do some impressions on her lower dentures last year, but the pain from his work was so excruciating that she came back to complain. That's when Lawrence tried to do some repair work on his repair work and he broke Amaker's teeth.

That prompted the angry customer to ask, "Who is this guy?"

She wasn't happy with the answer. After learning Lawrence wasn't a dentist as he claimed, she reported it to the authorities. Six other victims also came forward complaining that Lawrence operated on them

Lawrence is facing 15 charges including practicing dentistry without a license and operating a dental laboratory without being registered.

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