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Man Arrested in Road Rage Shooting on Halloween in Plantation

Both drivers had children in the car with them, according to police

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A suspected case of road rage on Halloween night in Plantation has landed one man in jail and the other in the hospital.

Plantation Police detectives said Erick Foster, 31, and another man nearly collided while driving westbound on State Road 84 near University Drive late Sunday.

According to the police report, the other driver cut Foster off and then followed him for nearly a mile, driving aggressively along the way.

Broward Sheriff's Office
Erick Foster

In bond court Tuesday, Foster's attorney discussed the details from an arrest report.

“The person followed him, cut him off, flashed his lights, cornered him, got out of the vehicle and approached him, so just asking for the court to take into consideration the facts as alleged in the probable cause report," the defense attorney said.

But detectives said once both drivers pulled into a parking lot near Peters Road, it was Foster who pulled his gun. Foster told police the other driver got out of the car and came running at him. Foster added that the man didn’t say anything and didn’t appear to have anything in his hands.

“By Mr. Foster’s own admission he fired blindly, he wasn’t even aiming and that’s why I mention any of the people in the victim’s vehicle could’ve been shot by the I think it was 8-9 shots that were fired,” said a prosecuting attorney.

“12 to 13,” the judge responded.

The victim, who wasn’t named in the arrest report, was shot at least five times, and rushed to Broward Health Medical Center.

Foster is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. He shook his head in court and told the judge he missed his kids.

“I just want to go home and see my kids. I just got off the road,” Foster said, but he was cut off by one of the defense attorney’s.

“Sir, sir, do not talk about the facts of the case, it’s not going to help you," the attorney said.

“I’m not, I just want to go home and see my kids, that’s all,” said Foster.

The judge told Foster he could face more serious charges if the victim doesn’t survive. Plantation Police say Foster did hold a valid concealed weapons permit for the firearm.

Foster was given a $50,000 bond.

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