Man Arrested in Violent Miami Shores Armed Robbery: Police

A man has been arrested in the violent armed robbery of a woman at a Miami Shores shopping center last week, police said Monday.

William Carroll, 57, was arrested in Wednesday's robbery at the parking lot of Shores Shopping Plaza, police said.

The exact charges against Carroll were unknown. No attorney information was immediately available.

"I'm innocent, they got the wrong person," Carroll told reporters as he was led away in handcuffs Monday.

Surveillance video caught some of the robbery and shows the victim get out of her car, planning to go into the shopping plaza. Just as she closed her door, the suspect came at her, grabbed her and forced her to the ground.

The attack lasted about 30 seconds before the suspect ran away, police said. Carroll allegedly stole the woman's purse and a $30,000 wedding ring. She also said he threatened her life.

"That's one thing he said to me clearly. He said 'if you scream I will kill you,' that was the first thing, then he turned me around and threw me down and said it again, and said 'give me your ring' three times," said the victim, who didn't want her name released.

Carroll was arrested Monday and taken to a hospital after complaining of stomach pains.

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