DJ Allegedly Beaten By Ex-Miss Miami Lakes Tells His Side of the Story

On the same day a a judge dropped charges against a South Florida beauty queen, the man she was accused of attacking is telling his side of the story.

David Duperon, a popular DJ, spoke with NBC 6 Thursday about the December 2016 incident.

He calls it "a big misunderstanding" and says he doesn't see justice in the future.

Vanessa Barcelo, the former Miss Miami Lakes, no longer faces a misdemeanor battery charge for attacking Duperon with a bat. The judge dismissed the case, citing Florida's so-called "Stand Your Ground" law.

Duperon was left badly bruised and with his left eye swollen shut after the incident. He was at a holiday party at Barcelo's home when he was attacked.

"Unlike her, I have proof of this stuff. I'm the one with the scar on my face. I'm the one with $200,000 in medical bills," said Duperon. "I'm the one who spent Christmas and my birthday in the hospital. I'm the one who's getting the reputation dragged through the mud."

Duperon said he wants his reputation restored. 

Barcelo accused him of trying to undress her drunk cousin during the party.But charges were never filed against him, and the Power 96 DJ vehemently denied those claims.

"Never touched her, never took off her clothes, never did anything inappropriate with her," Duperon said. "This is somebody that I thought I was helping out, a friend. I was intoxicated. I tried to do something right and it backfired on me."

Duperon worked as a DJ for Power 96 for eight years, but hasn't been back to work since the incident.

He says the ordeal put a cloud over his career and life.

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