Man Burglarized a Home, Played With Toy Helicopter and Ate Salad: Officials

Jason Lee Vickery faces several charges including burglary to a structure and grand theft.

A man faces charges after he burglarized a home, masturbated, played with a toy helicopter he found and then ate a salad he brought with him, authorities said.

The incident began on April 24, when the caretakers of a home in central Florida called authorities because the front door of the house was open.

A St. John's County Sheriff's deputy, who was checking on the report saw a man, later identified as Jason Lee Vickery, 23, walking in the backyard.

The deputy ordered him on the ground, but he didn't immediately comply, the offense report said. After he was handcuffed, the deputy removed a lighter and an orange container with a green leafy substance, which later field tested positive for cannabis, authorities said.

Vickery told authorities that he found the door unlocked, the report said. He then went to another address and got a paper bag which contained a wig, pouch of chewing tobacco, green towel and a salad, the report said.

He went back to the empty home, masturbated in the bathroom, found the remote control helicopter on the kitchen counter and then looked around for batteries to install in it, according to the report.

After flying the toy, he ate his salad, and while he did, he heard talking outside, authorities said. He got nervous and left the home and walked towards the back of the home, which is where the deputy saw him, the report said.

He was arrested for burglary to a structure and grand theft, the offense report said.

The paraphernalia and cannabis was entered into evidence to be destroyed.

It wasn't immediately known if he had an attorney.

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