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Man Calls NBC 6 Responds After Valet Damages Car

Jason Ricketts loves driving around town in his 2015 Acura TLX.

"I keep it in immaculate shape," he said. "It was my first truly luxury car that I purchased and so it’s a little special in that way."

So you can imagine how he felt, when he noticed his vehicle was damaged, after valet parking it overnight at the Intracoastal Yacht Club in Sunny Isles on Memorial Day weekend.

"I noticed my bumper looks like it’s hanging off a little bit in the front...the right quarter panel is dented and there is red paint that is the same color as the building that I just valeted my car in,” Ricketts said. "Who’s going to fix this, that was my initial thought."

Ricketts grabbed his iPhone and documented the damage. At first, Ricketts said he was promised someone would look into what happened.

"I talked to management and they said ‘well, we have cameras, everything is being recorded so we’ll review the cameras and we’ll get back to you once we investigate it,'" Ricketts said.

But when weeks passed without any answers, Ricketts called NBC 6 Responds.

"That’s the worst part, just not taking responsibility for something that clearly was something you did,” he added.

After a call from NBC 6, United Property Management reviewed Jason’s case. A few days later, they sent us a statement saying they had “conducted a thorough investigation” and that: “All pertinent information including repair estimates have been forwarded to the property’s insurance carrier in efforts to expeditiously resolve this matter. We are certain that this issue will be resolved amicably."

And it was. Jason sent us a picture, holding the $3,400 check he received Monday.

"You guys were a big help,” he said. "Thank you guys so much."

The check is a big relief to Ricketts, who had paid out of pocket for the repairs. He’s happy to get his money back, especially since he’s shopping for a home.

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