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Man Caught on Camera Stealing Mail From Miami-Dade Home

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A man — all dressed up and allegedly ready to steal — was caught on surveillance breaking into a woman's mailbox in southwest Miami-Dade several times.

Less than four minutes after a postal worker left mail in Claudia's mailbox back in March, her surveillance camera captured a man walking off with at least one piece of mail.

"I think he took a bank statement or something like that," Claudia told NBC 6.

Claudia believes the man wasn't in on this alone. When she got an alert from her cameras on her phone, she walked outside and saw him getting into a white SUV.

"I think he was preparing this because he noticed that I have cameras everywhere and he came from the side that the camera cut his face," she said.

Blanca Alvarez with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service says one way to protect your mail is to sign up for informed delivery.

"Mail thieves are usually looking for anything of value. It can be a gift card or any type of monetary device," Alvarez said. "Informed delivery lets the customers know every morning what mail they will be receiving that day, and if they are not home, they can have someone pick it up for them."

Another tip is to secure your mailbox with a lock. Claudia quickly added one after the March 12 incident. She thinks the mail thief came back a few days later, but he was unsuccessful.

"He returned. I didn't see it this time, but the door was damaged," she said.

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