Man Charged With Attempted Murder of Miami Gardens Police Officer

A man accused of trying to kill an officer made an appearance in court Monday. Dozens of brothers in blue showed up to make sure justice was served.

"One count of attempted first degree murder on a law enforcement officer, two counts of felony possession of a firearm," the judge said during the hearing.

Tory Starr, a habitual felony offender, was in court again. Prosecutors said he shot at a Miami Gardens Police officer and is now charged with attempted first degree murder.

"We're here in support of one of our officers that was shot at a couple of weeks ago," said Capt. Ralph Suarez with Miami Gardens Police.

Prosecutors said Starr was outside the Strawberry Market on Northwest 191st Street when a police officer approached him. The arrest report says Starr was "extremely nervous and hesitant to provide his name" and instead ran away into the market.

The officer went after him and according to the report, Starr "fired at the officer" from behind a soda machine.

"The officer is doing really good and now it's just a matter of waiting for the trial to go ahead and go," Capt. Suarez said.

Starr will have another hearing in a couple of months and then he'll go on trial on Feb. 16. In the meantime, he remains in jail without bond.

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