Men Charged in Scuffle With Miami Police Officers at Fatal Shooting Scene

Anthony Ezel Carl Walker and Antwan Carl Walker charged in Monday incident

Two men who were involved in a scuffle with Miami Police at the scene of a fatal shooting in Overtown have been charged in the incident, police said Tuesday.

Anthony Ezel Carl Walker, 28, was charged with battery on an officer and resisting an officer with violence in the incident that happened Monday in the area of 3rd Avenue and Northwest 22nd Street. He is a minister at the New Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church in Miami.

"He's a family person. He loves his family and so at the point I thought he was distraught and concerned. And probably very emotional. He is not a violent person," said Sabrina Bouie-Floyd, the church's director of operations.

Antwan Carl Walker, 27, was charged with resisting an officer without violence.

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Anthony Walker was being held on $10,000 bond, while Antwan Carl Walker was released on bond Tuesday. It was unknown whether either had an attorney.

The incident began when police say a man, identified by family members as Brandon Walker, was shot and killed at the scene. Footage showed one man run through the crime scene and approach the body as officers try to take him away. A second man runs toward the officers and other man before a confrontation ensues.

The Miami Fraternal Order of Police defended the officer involved in the scuffle, who it identified as Detective Fernando Bosch.

“While Detective Bosch attempts to subdue the subject, he grabs him by the tie and continues to resist,” said the police union’s president, Sgt. Javier Ortiz, in a statement. “The subject then raises his hands with clenched fists and is within striking distance of Detective Bosch.”

Ortiz added that everyone is entitled to protect themselves, including police officers, and said officers have no way of knowing if someone who crosses the police tape may be there to destroy evidence.

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Family members said Anthony and Antwan are the brothers of Brandon Walker.

Miami Police spokesman Sgt. Freddie Cruz said Tuesday that the two men were violent and hostile toward the officers.

"Emotions got the best of these family members," he said.

Police are still investigating the shooting. Cruz asked anyone with information to come forward and call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS.

"We understand emotions played a big role in this case, and it got the best of them, but they need to understand that this is an active crime scene that cannot be broken," Cruz said.

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