Man Clumsily Drops TV As He's Trying to Steal It From a Walmart

Police have arrested a man who clumsily dropped a flat screen TV as he was trying to steal it from a Walmart in Davie.

According to police, the incident happened December 16th at the Walmart located at the 4300 block of South University Drive.

The alleged suspect, who was identified as Michael Flanagan, 36, reportedly walked into the Walmart, and grabbed a 48” TV. That’s when police said he walked toward the fire exit of the store and walked out of it with the TV.

Authorities said Flanagan then got on the back of a motorcycle and fled the scene. But while they were leaving the scene, surveillance footage shows Flanagan dropping the TV on the side walk.

Flanagan was eventually arrested. While in police custody, Flanagan said he was duped by a friend named “Sharky.” Flanagan told police he stole the TV to get money to eat. Flanagan said Sharky then took the TV and gave it to an unknown person.

Flanagan identified Sharky as the driver of the motorcycle. It’s unclear if Sharky will be arrested or is facing any charges.

Flanagan is being charged with shoplifting.

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