Heart Attack – Not Killer Bees – Doomed Miami Man

61-year-old Jorge Luis Acosta died of heart attack after swarm encounter

61-year-old Jorge Luis Acosta died of a heart attack after he encountered a beehive with a huge swarm, according to Miami-Dade Police.

The incident happened when Acosta climbed onto a roof at the apartment complex on the 10800 block of SW 84th St. to do some work.

He encountered the hive and the bees on the roof, and police weren't sure at first whether he had died from stings or some other cause.

Police said Acosta was wearing a partial beekeeper's outfit, including gloves and a hat with a net, though they may not have protected him from a swarm that was in the tens of thousands.

A Medical Examiners Report released today showed Acosta died of a heart attack. According to Miami-Dade police, Acosta was a freelance bee expert who had agreed to remove the bees from the building so that he could bring them home to cultivate bee hives as part of his hobby.

Investigators were seen placing DirecTV equipment into a truck, but the satellite television company has yet to confirm that Acosta was an employee.

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