Ultra Music Festival

Man Finds Bag of iPhones Stolen During Ultra Music Festival

If you spot your stolen iPhone, call Miami Police Property Unit at 305-603-6455

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Thousands of people attended Ultra Music Festival 2022, including Cristian Vidal from New Jersey.

Vidal had been looking forward to this trip for months, but on day one of the event, his phone was stolen.

“It ruined my weekend entirely," he said.

Vidal had his iPhone in a fanny pack and says his mistake was putting the bag on his back instead of facing forward. Once he noticed the zipper was open, he walked over to an officer in hopes of finding the phone.

"The officer said that [on Friday] they reported over 104 phones stolen. That’s a crazy amount in one day," said Vidal. 

Miami Police
Cellphones believed to be stolen during Ultra Music Festival

A Broward County man who doesn't want to be identified sent NBC 6 photos of more than 12 iPhones that were found hidden in bushes next to a Miami motel. 

The man tracked down his wife’s cell stolen at Ultra and turned the other phones into Miami Police. He posted photos of all the phones on his Instagram in hopes of connecting people looking for their stolen phones. 

"In order for you to retrieve your phone, you have to call our property counter, set up an appointment, and if you are from out of town, the agent will take the necessary steps to make you whole but you definitely need to provide proof," said Officer Kenia Fallat with Miami Police. 

David Batista saw the photos of the stolen iPhones on Instagram and was hoping one of them would be his. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been able to find it.

"I'm glad there are people like that, that actually take responsibility and want to do the right thing," Batista said.

"If you’re attending any event, regardless of where you are, make sure you secure your property either in front of you or keep it close to your body in the front part," said Officer Fallat. 

If you believe your cellphone is one of the phones featured in this report, you can call Miami Police Property Unit at 305-603-6455. 

Miami Police
Cellphones believed to be stolen during Ultra Music Festival
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