Man Takes in Pig Found Wandering Highway

Ramirez says he named the pig Freddy

Sergio Ramirez

This little pig never made it all the way home.

Sergio Ramirez said he was approaching the Sawgrass Expressway by Atlantic Boulevard in Coral Springs on Saturday when he noticed a black-spotted pig running in the middle of the road.

People were crowding around him, concerned he would get hit by a car and he wasn't running away, so Ramirez picked him up and loaded him in the back of his truck, he said.

"He was very thirsty and hungry," said Ramirez. "Seems like he had not eaten for a couple of days." 

"He is very friendly and has a great sense of humor," Ramirez said of the pig. "I named him Freddy cause he was so smart," he said.

Ramirez tried to take him to a santuary near the Sportsplex Plaza, but  said they do not take domestic animals.

He is looking for the owners or anyone who would like to adopt the pig.

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