Man Gets 10 Years in Fatal 2012 Miami-Dade Police Shootout

A man charged in a 2012 police shootout outside a marijuana growhouse that left a fellow suspect dead and a Miami-Dade officer wounded accepted a plea deal Tuesday that will send him to prison.

Luis Lazaro Estevanell, 62, was facing a second-degree felony murder charge in the July 2012 shootout that left Gerardo Delgado dead and Det. John Saavedra injured.

On Tuesday, he accepted a plea deal that will put him in state prison for 10 years, followed by 10 years of probation. Estevanell has been behind bars without bond since the shooting.

"This way, his sentence is manageable and he'll come out and still have years with his wife and family," attorney Edward Carhart said.

Cameras at the growhouse caught the shootout between homeowner Delgado and authorities, including Saavedra, who suffered gunshot wounds to his abdomen and a leg, and had to be airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center.

Eighty pounds of marijuana were found in the home, police said.

Estevanell was facing life in prison if the case had gone to trial and he was convicted.

Prosecutors said the case sends a message to those involved in deadly crimes.

"If you were partnering with someone and a death results, you will be charged and you will be prosecuted for that crime even though you didn't pull the trigger," prosecutor Frank Ledee said.

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