Man Gets Life in Prison in Corrections Officer Shooting

A man accused of shooting an off-duty correctional officer outside his Miami-Dade home was sentenced to life in prison Friday.

Patrick Sullivan, 22, was accused of shooting Juan Guellmes during the August 2014 robbery on Southwest 146th Street.

The sentence was handed down during an emotional hearing where Sullivan and his mother, Ruby Johnson spoke.

"I'm just a mother, pleading for some of the life of my son," Johnson said in court.

Guellmes, a corrections officer in the Metro Justice Building, was working on his car on his day off in front of his home. He was wearing a gold chain around his neck when he was approached by Sullivan.

"He placed a gun on Mr. Guellmes, on his shoulder, pulled the trigger, pow!" prosecutor Annette Rasco said.

"I'm sorry for my actions and I really would ask you to forgive for the things that I've done," Sullivan said.

But Judge Richard Hersch handed down the life sentence. After the hearing, Guellmes said he was pleased with the sentence.

"I didn't deserve this, this is everything I teach my sons to never do," Guellmes said. "He got what he deserved."

After serving a mandatory 50 years of the life sentence, Sullivan could ask for early release. But by that time he'll already be 72 years old.

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