Man Hit with Surprise Bill After Dental Visits

Michael Pfau says he was a good patient, going regularly to the dentist at Coast Dental. He thought his insurance would cover his dental procedures.

“Back in December they informed me that they had some trouble filing some claims, and I had an outstanding balance of $945,” Michael said.

He paid the bill hoping his insurance company would reimburse him. But his provider told him the claims were too old to be paid out.

“And, I was surprised when they told me there was nothing that could be done,” he said.

That’s when he called NBC6 Responds.
A Coast Dental spokesperson said the claims were submitted and denied. But then the claims were closed.

Coast Dental said that happened because the insurance company could no longer find Michael.  It turns out he had changed his name.

“The name change likely caused confusion in following up on his open claims which is why we agreed to refund his balance,” a company spokesperson said by email.

Michael believes he communicated his name change clearly.

But he’s glad to get his money back. He was refunded more than $750. That’s the outstanding balance he paid, minus his deductible.

“They reimbursed me, and that’s what I was looking for,” Michael said.

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