Man in Critical Condition After Police-Involved Shooting in Miami: Authorities

Police said they opened fire following an altercation

A police-involved shooting in Miami left a man in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center Monday night, police said.

Miami-Dade Police said they were on the lookout for a subject in a white Nissan Maxima who may have been involved in an armed robbery. When they tried to conduct a traffic stop on the 28-year-old man, the driver gave chase, police said.

Eventually, he darted out of the vehicle, according to police. Following an altercation shortly after 7:20 p.m., police said, they opened fire. It is unclear whether the subject also opened fire, but police said they recovered a weapon at the scene, at Northwest 58th and 15th Avenue in Miami.

"It had to be at least about, I'd say at least 15 shots," said Early Stitt, a neighbor who heard the commotion from inside of his home down the block.

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Lt. John Jenkins of Miami-Dade Police discussed the attempted traffic stop on the car, which he said was possibly used in a robbery.

“And especially if it’s an armed robbery, obviously that is a danger to the community – not only to the officers but to the community,” Jenkins said. “Thankfully it was a brief pursuit. Nobody was injured as far as the officers were concerned, and none of the citizens, and unfortunately the subject was struck.”

A neighbor who identified himself only as Larry described what he could see from his unique vantage point, across the street from where the altercation occurred.

"I heard the noise of screeching tires. I thought it was a car accident, but it was actually a white Nissan trying to get away from an undercover detective police car,” Larry said in a phone interview.

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He described what he saw after the man jumped out of his vehicle.

"And then I heard the gunshots. I got my kids in, I peeped out the window and the police were actually shooting at this guy,” Larry said. “I didn't see him. I guess they had already hit him and he was laying down.”

Bullets pierced Larry's truck, but he was just grateful his kids, who often play in the front yard, were not hurt.

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For other neighbors, too, the ordeal was too close for comfort.

"I know I heard it hit my bar gate and I stayed in the house. I wasn't coming out," Stitt said.

The police investigation continues.

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